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Welcome to the MacGyver Virtual Seasons.

Our seasons take up from where the real show ended in season seven, and episodes are numbered accordingly as if they have carried on into season eight.

Each 'episode' comes complete with its own fan-art, including banner and poster. (If you'd like to know more, click 'About the VS' on the menu)

You can comment on and discuss the episodes with the writers and fans in our VS forums, which is linked in the menu on each page.

So why not join us as we take Angus MacGyver back into adventure, and back into danger...


All VS episodes can be found in the "Episodes" section, complete with a PDF version!


Featured Episodes

8.1 Dead Flight by MacsJeep

Mac and Sam are still on their road trip when an unexpected turn of events points them homeward.

But will the trip take them home, or to their graves?

Their flight has suddenly been taken over by some unseen force, the pilot is dead, and the autopilot has a mind of its own.

Can Mac pull off his best trick yet and save the day?





9.07 Life and the Grave by Sanguine

When MacGyver is called to Egypt to help search for the entrance to an undiscovered tomb, he jumps at the chance to explore a part of history.

But someone - or something - wants to be sure that the crypt remains a secret...

…even if that means trapping MacGyver inside forever.






10.2 Checkmate by Rocket

Everyone knows what a master games player Dr Zito is.

Everyone knows he delights in cunning strategies, puzzles and deadly consequences for the loser.

MacGyver once again becomes ensnared in Dr Zito's latest game.

The stakes are high, and MacGyver is about to find out exactly how much of a sore loser Dr Zito can be...

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